Take care of your legal liability!

Version 4.1
works with outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007

Liability for e-mail sent by employees lies with their company, but that's not the only reason to use OpusFlow Disclaimer... it's great for commercial use also!

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" nice product. very well done! 
...  I've never had this kind of support on ANY product I've ever bought."
Jake Ward
IT Manager
Intermountain Claims, Inc.

"we just dished it out to everyone in our firm and so far it's working like a champ."
John Hough
IT Manager of Law Firm
Curiale Dellaverson Hirschfeld & Kraemer

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Disclaimer for Outlook is a versatile tool to automatically format outgoing email.  You don't need Exchange or any other mail server to add the signature and disclaimer because it is a client-based tool (outlook com add-in). This means that you actually see what you sent out. This is not the case with server-based tools.


The message processing is done on the client-pc, but the network administrator can administer the settings with one central ini-file on a file server. Even Exchange mailbox properties or Active Directory fields can be used in the text. You can even use html formatted data stored in the active directory fields. This way you make sure that everyone uses the same centrally stored disclaimer, Company Logo, signature and layout for every e-mail they send. You can even run advertising campaigns or advertise your upcoming events with hyperlinks that point to your web server in every email that (some or all) users send out. 

Versions & Download

 OpusFlow Disclaimer for Outlook is available in 3 versions:

  • Company version :  Tight or Weak ; 450 Euro (more info)

  • Enterprise version :  Tight or Weak ; 1800 Euro (more info)

  • Personal version : Free version identical to Weak but without central administration point. 
    No spyware included but the free version does add a small hyperlink pointing to our website at the bottom of the message. 
    That URL is not on the company version.

    NOTE: How your emails looks is entirely dependant on the configuration. The OutlookDisclaimer.ini file that is being installed by the setup will show you all possibilities but the design quality is 'none'. Some better looking examples are available here.



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Tel : 011 - 31 - 186 - 66 91 94
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- Runs on
Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007

- Unlike (exchange) server based products you can see what you send out in your sent items.

- central administration point but client based.

- 'Weak' version will work also when user is not connected to the network.

- HTML formatting can be used to the INI file 

- Active Directory fields or Exchange Server mailbox fields can be used in the configuration. (you can even put HTML formatted text in those fields)

- When sending out a html message, formatting of body text is preserved but company defined logo / signature / disclaimer is added

- When sending out a plain text or rtf message, it will convert to html and company defined logo / signature / disclaimer will be added.

 Use it for::

- liability.

- corporate identity.

- advertising (special offers in the footer of the message).

- events