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The company versions are being sold on-line at 450.- per company for an unlimited number of users as long as they use the same central ini-file.

Please supply:

  • Your name / Job title

  • Company name / address

  • The unc-path to the share where you will store the central ini file.
    (unc-path = \\servername\sharename)
    Do not forget to order the right version (Tight / Weak).

Use AVANGATE (or SHARE-IT) to order on-line or by fax and pay by any traditional method, P.O. or credit card.

We strongly encourage you to test the free personal version first.
No refunds will be made for any compiled licensed company version. If you need more then one company license, please contact us on so we can make you an attractive offer.


A license comes with 3 years of phone / email helpdesk, free of charge.





If you feel that your organization is similar to: Red cross, Human rights watch, Amnesty International, WNF, Greenpeace ... then apply for a free license at